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The NEFF oven collection

For NEFF Cookaholics, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A space to meet, eat and get creative with your cooking. Our oven collection is designed to inspire the most adventurous cooks and get you even closer to your favourite dishes.

The NEFF compact oven collection

Our extensive range of compact appliances are designed to complement the most creative kitchens. Featuring innovative features to perfect your dishes, there's lots of ways to create a cooking station that's all your own.

Pyrolytic cleaning

Pyrolytic self-cleaning

Spend time cooking, not cleaning with high temperature pyrolytic cleaning. Once the pyrolytic setting is activated, temperatures of up to 485°C turn roasting and grilling spatter to ash. All that's left to do is simply wipe away the residue once the oven has cooled.


Other cleaning solutions from NEFF

Other cleaning solutions from NEFF

Our EcoClean® and BaseClean cleaning methods provide low-energy cleaning of the oven interior. EcoClean® uses a microfine, highly absorbent, ceramic bead coating on the roof, back and sides. BaseClean deals with the base of the oven, requiring just a little warm water to help lift burnt-on food.
An environmentally friendly option for quick cleaning in between.


Pyrolytic cleaning

Never scrub the oven again:
  • The oven interior cleans itself
  • At 485° C, baking, roasting & grilling spatter is turned to ash
  • No chemicals required


Easy Clean®

Non-high temperature cleaning:
  • EcoClean® uses a microfine, highly absorbent ceramic bead coating on the roof, back and sides of the oven
  • BaseClean takes care of the base of oven. Using a little warm water, burnt on residue is softened - all you need to do is wipe the base with a damp cloth once the setting has finished.

What would Cookaholics choose?

Pyrolytic cleaning is perfect for how I like to cook.

Luisa is a food blogger.
I need an oven that tackles even the most stubborn grease and grime. Pyrolytic cleaning is ideal for me as it effectively removes spatter and spillages perfect after a creative cooking session.

Show me Pyrolytic cleaning

EcoClean® & BaseClean is ideal for me

Laura is a dessert connoisseur
I only need minimal cleaning support for my oven. That's why I choose EcoClean® & BaseClean to get the results I want in an environmentally friendly way.

Show me Easy Clean®

The only oven with the disappearing door: SLIDE & HIDE®

Get closer to your cooking with the stylish and innovative Slide&Hide® oven door. Sliding away neatly under the oven, the disappearing door allows you to baste, taste and monitor your food throughout the cooking process. Selected Slide&Hide® ovens now feature pyrolytic cleaning too.


Safely access hot dishes with Comfort Flex Rails

ComfortFlex telescopic rails smoothly extend to allow easy access to your cooking. With a built-in 'brake' function, there's no fear of tipping or buckling when lifting hot food - simply grasp at the sides and lift dishes easily.


Slide & Hide®

The only oven with the disappearing door
  • Space-saving - perfect for galley-style kitchens, the door seamlessly retracts below the cavity
  • Accessible - taste, baste and monitor your dishes throughout the cooking process
  • Unique - exclusive to NEFF



The innovative telescopic rail
  • Access hot food safely and easily
  • The rails can be installed anywhere in the oven
  • With an integrated stop position, there's no worry of hot food spilling
What would Cookaholics choose?

Malte loves cooking with venison.

Malte Kruse, the craftsman.
Malte loves cooking with venison.
For Malte, the Slide&Hide® disappearing door lets him get closer to his cooking. Perfecting meat is a fine art to this Cookaholic, and he likes to monitor his roasts throughout the cooking process.

Show me Slide & Hide®

ComfortFlex Rails allow me to get closer to my cooking.

Gian Paolo is an artist.

He loves to add a creative twist to his food.
Using NEFF's Comfort Flex Rails allows Gian to make those little touches during the cooking process. With no risk of tipping or buckling, Gian can easily access his carefully crafted dishes.



Ideal for Cookaholics who require the convenience of a microwave.

Compact without microwave

Ideal when extra cavity space is required for roasting and baking.

Vario Steam®

Enjoy succulent, tender food with VarioSteam® steam assisted cooking. By injecting steam at three intensity levels throughout the cooking process, food comes out with a more intense flavour and a vibrant appearance.


Full Steam

With NEFF FullSteam compact ovens, vegetables come out fresh, vitamins are retained and flavours are beautifully intensified.


No steam available.

Unfortunately steam functionality is not compatible with pyrolytic cleaning.


With NEFF FullSteam compact ovens, vegetables come out fresh, vitamins are retained and flavours are beautifully intensified.


Enjoy succulent, tender food with VarioSteam® steam assisted cooking.
  • By injecting steam at three intensity levels, there's a program for all of your favourite dishes
  • Simply add water by pressing the front panel to expose the water cavity
  • Ideal for succulent meat with a lovely crust



All the benefits of a steamer and a conventional oven
  • Simply fill the water cavity by pressing on the front panel to access the tank
  • All of the features of a fully functioning oven
  • Ideal for creating healthier dishes
  • Try steaming beautiful sponges and spicy dumplings
  • Less oil and salt is required - food retains moisture and flavour

What would Cookaholics choose?

I like intense flavours

Malte Kruse, the craftsman.

He loves cooking with venison.
I wanted to have an oven that makes my dishes succulent on the inside and crisp on the outside. With VarioSteam® ovens having a pyrolytic cleaning option, there's no need to scrub the oven either!


Sophie cooks with Full Steam

Sophie, Singer-Songwriter.
Sophie likes fresh, locally sourced produce.
Cooking with FullSteam allows Sophie to make the most of "fresh-from-the-ground" produce. Steaming retains vitamins, keeps colours vibrant and enhances flavour.


FULL TOUCH CONTROL Display with 5.7 inch screen

Intuitive operation

FullTouchControl makes selecting that perfect cooking setting quick and easy. With a high resolution 5.7 inch TFT colour display, simply touch and swipe to choose your cooking method.


SHIFT CONTROL TFT-DISPLAY with 4.1 inch display screen

ShiftControl is the ideal operating system for Cookaholics who prefer the convenience of a rocker-style switch. Featuring a 4.1 inch wide TFT display screen, it's easy to select the perfect cooking setting for your dish.

SHIFT CONTROL TFT-DISPLAY with 2.5 inch display screen

Featuring a 2.5 inch display screen, our smallest TFT screen provides excellent legibility alongside an easy-to-use rocker-style switch. Handy icons displayed on the oven fascia allow you to review your cooking options at just a glance too.

full touch control display with 5.7 inch display screen

Discover the intuitive touch screen display.
  • Simply swipe and touch to select the perfect cooking setting
  • A high-contrast TFT colour display offers excellent legibility
  • The ideal choice for contemporary kitchens
  • 5.7 inch display screen

NEFFLight® on/off

NEFF Light®

With NEFFLight® every dish you cook is fully illuminated - no matter what level you cook on. With LED lighting and a unique prism in the oven door, even the farthest corners of the oven are effectively illuminated.


MultiPoint MeatProbe

With NEFF's MultiPoint MeatProbe, perfecting a prime cut of meat is easy. With 3 temperature gauges on the probe, an accurate, even reading is achieved every time.


NEFF Light®

See into even the farthest corners of the oven with NEFFLight®
  • All four levels are effectively illuminated without needing to open the door
  • Even the farthest corners of the oven are illuminated with NEFFLight®
  • Door integrated LEDs light up the food from the cook's point of view
  • NEFFLight® is exclusive to NEFF



  • 3 temperature gauges ensure an accurate reading
  • Achieve beautifully cooked meat
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for chicken and premium cuts of meat


Our top recommendation

Product no.: BFS 4524 N

2736,00 € UVP
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A fully functioning oven and steamer - all in just one appliance.

Sophie, singer and songwriter.
Sophie likes fresh, locally sourced produce.

This oven allows me to cook a three course meal with no intermingling of flavours.

Christoph's a perfectionist.

This VarioSteam® oven is perfect for me. It leaves my meat succulent on the inside and beautifully crisp on the outside.

Malte Kruse, the craftsman.

Malte loves beautifully cooked meat.

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B 45FS22 N0

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All NEFF ovens feature these innovative solutions:

  • CircoTherm®:
    Cook a three course meal in one go without the intermingling of flavours, using NEFF's unique CircoTherm® technology. The powerful fan heats all four cooking levels evenly, sealing food quicker and locking in moisture and flavour.
  • Plenty of space for creative Cookaholics
    NEFF single ovens offer at least a 65 litre capacity - more than sufficient for even the largest Christmas turkey!
  • Bread baking programme:
    Bake fresh, home-made crusty bread and delicious pastries with the bread baking programme. All three levels can be used at the same time too - perfect for batch bakes.
  • Defrost setting
    The Defrost setting speeds up defrosting times while retaining food colour and moisture. Perfect for delicate foods as well as fish and poultry.